At Jaivik Data we offer a wide array of employment opportunities in our organization. We maintain a work environment that fuels curiosity, nurtures creativity, fosters teamwork, celebrates achievement, and embodies continuous improvement. Jaivik Data seeks self-motivated, dedicated, honest and hardworking employees who takes pride in performing beyond client expectations.

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Work Culture

At Jaivik Data, we offer a stimulating environment that aims to remove all obstacles to creativity. Jaivik Data has an energetic culture where we contribute to each other’s successes while setting new standards of excellence. Professionals from varied cultures and backgrounds collaborate to work towards the shared vision. Working at Jaivik Data is about strong commitment, solving complex problems, in a dynamic environment that provides independence for action in a supporting team environment.

Encourage Innovations

Jaivik Data always encourage new research and innovative thinking. We work on new technologies. Every day, we find endless opportunities to improve our services.


The benefits we offer are at par with the best available. Jaivik Data offers excellent fast track career growth opportunities to the aspiring members, complemented by self-development.


Employees are the core of our organization and provide them with the very best. We truly believe in employee empowerment and try to make the organization as “second home” of the employees. At Jaivik Data, we are committed to a fair and equitable workplace where everyone is a respected and valued member of the team.

Location preference

Jaivik Data's location and work environment are ideal for focused workplace. Our New Delhi location makes us well connected to all other places throughout the globe. In New Delhi our operations are located in the heart of the city making it easy commute from surrounding areas

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