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Jaivik Data services provide affordable solutions for converting big biological data into knowledge quickly and confidently. With our services, we help medical, pharmaceutical, and academic researchers to identify molecular mechanisms underlying disease and drug response. Entrust your study to some of the most talented people in genomic data analysis, all of whom have extensive experience in genetics, bioinformatics, biostatistics and large data analysis.

Jaivik Data develops streamlined workflow for identifying differentially expressed genes, isoforms, promoters and exons from RNA-Seq data. Novel splice junctions and isoforms, rare transcript discovery and allele-specific expression rapidly examined within the same RNA-Seq dataset, beyond what is achievable with microarrays.

Jaivik Data designs in house pipeline for causal variant identification and annotations from family-based whole exome data.

Jaivik Data offers custom data analyses service program tailored to client needs.

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